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The Fire of

  Add to your Brew  with a 15 min boil Spiced 1oz Mixed Hop Packet
                          Open up packet and drop the muslin bag in at the 15 min boil  "
Spicy "

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Secret Recipes

Here are a few of the Habonero Brews we" Brew

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 Hop Packets




Scorpion Habanero

 Spiced Hops 



Spiced Hops

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 Our Beer Kits are
 made of ingredients
that are common
to the Beer industry,
Common Hops
Cherry Extracts
Malts / Grains/
Bobs Secret Recipes


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Habanero Spiced Hops
15 min boil pouch
Flavor and Heat to you brew

Pure Habanero
 & 1 ounce mixed hops

200,000-300,000 SHU.
Bag includes  1 ounce 0f  Hops  and the firey Habaneros spice
in a Muslim bag.  Just drop the bag in at your 15 min boil
To any Beer Recipe  5 Gal  Brew

+    =       = 
 Hoppy Fiery Delight  Add to your Brew kit, to fire up your life 
1 oz, Hop  package full of   fire

Scorpion Habanero

 Spiced Hops 
15 min boil pouch

Flavor and Super Heat to you brew

Pure Trinidad Scorpion
& 1 ounce mixed hops
1,469,000 SHU

Centennial - Magnum
Citra  - Amarillo - Simcoe

Bob & Dianne Owners of

It's been a Hot couple of record years
  and your still my Sweet Habanero Girl
Nice " But I'm not sharing my beer

Mixed Hops are with
Centennial - Magnum - Citra  -
 Amarillo - Simcoe

 You can
order Custom
Hops with Habanero Spice
 Min orders require

Sanitize Every thing
  Keep the Dogs out of the Brew kitchen

Pure Trinidad Scorpion
& 1/4 ounce mixed hop Packets
1,469,000 SHU (
Super Hot)
Pure Habanero
 & 1/4 ounce mixed hop Packet

200,000-300,000 SHU.  (Hot)

Pure Trinidad Scorpion

$8.75 Plus Shipping

 Please "Wait till July to Order

Call for discount on 10 bags or more
May be mixed

Pure Habanero

$8.75 Plus Shipping

Please "Wait till July to Order

Call for discount on 10 bags or more
May be mixed
Robert  208-371-7757 Between   8 - 5  MT Time

At 15 min Boil
 Open pouch dump Muslin bag with Hops and Habanero Spices 
Surmerge it to wort at 15 min boil

"Squeez out Jusice in Muslin bag  between 2 spoons at end of boil

Mixed Hops are with
Centennial - Magnum - Citra  - Amarillo - Simcoe

Throw away Muslin Bag   " Keep away from Childern / Pets & Skin  

Do not use fingers to squeez muslin bag
Then Throw the bag safety away
If you want to save the little bag  " Read this little story   ? " Is it worth saving ?
What Kind of heat can you add to Beer
Banana Pepper (Ooty Chile)
Italian Pepperoncini -
Trinidad Perfume Pepper
Cubanelle Chile Pepper
Pimento Hot Cherry Pepper
Shishito Pepper
NuMex R Naky
Paprika Chile Pepper
Hungarian Black Pepper
Sonora Chile Pepper
Santa Fe Grande Pepper
Beaver Dam Pepper
Pimenta Biquinho
Candlelight Pepper
Padron Pepper
Anaheim Chile Pepper
Ají Panca
Ancho Chile Pepper
Poblano Pepper
Pasilla Pepper
But The Best fo Heat and Flavor is

Habanero  Hops
 Spiced Hops 
15 min boil pouch
Flavor and Heat to you brew

# 2

Scorpion Habanero

 Spiced Hops 

15 min boil pouch
Flavor and Super Heat to you brew




Habanero – How Hot is it?
Habanero peppers are among the hottest chili peppers in the world. Measuring in between 80,000 - 600,000  the habanero pepper is sure to bring the heat you crave in spicy recipes, but beware.
Some people believe they can handle the heat, but may not be quite prepared for the levels of the habanero. However, we're guessing
that if you're here looking for recipes, you probably love the heat as much as we do.

Chili pepper heat is measured in Scoville Units, ranging from 0 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) for the exceedingly mild bell pepper to over 2 Million SHU for the new heat champ,
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. Habanero peppers range in Scovilles from 60,000 SHU to 800,000 SHU, making them some of the hottest chili peppers around.
most common orange habaneros Which is what we use
typically range between 100,000 SHU and 350,000 SHU.

Not Just Heat "But Great Flavor Homegrown Hops

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