Brew Kits
1 - Habanero Cherry
2 - Hopy Habanero
3 - Black Hops


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You want to add
At your 45 min boil

 Add a 1/4 ounce of
Secert Fire Hoppy Spiced Hops

The Fire of





 Bag includes
 1/4 ounce  Leaf Hops
and the firey Habaneros spice
in a Muslim bag
 Just drop the bag in at your 15min boil
To any Beer Recipe
5 Gal  Brew

 Our new  Habenero Hop  Last 15 min Boil 
spiced Packages  are comming soon 

  +   Hoppy Fiery Delight 
Add to your Brew kit, to fire up your life 
1/4 oz, hop  package full of fire

   Bob 208-371-7757   
 Our Beer Kits are
 made of ingredients
that are common
to the Beer industry,
Common Hops
Cherry Extracts
Malts / Grains/
Bobs Secret Recipes

 Sanitize Every thing &
  Keep the Dogs out of the kitchen

Easy Brewing
Add Grains  3.5 gal of clean water
to 170 Degrees for 30 min rinch remove

Start 60 min Boil.  Add 60 min boil hop pouch 

Add Malts 45 min boil also
45 min boil pouch 1 ounce hops

then 30 min Hop Pouch

15 Min Boil  Add Pouch firey
 Habaneros spiced Hops

Cool to (90 degrees Quickly)
Put wort into Fermenter
Bring fermenter to 5 1/2 Gal

Aerate for 30 min
add yeast

Wait 2 weeks - Transfer to secondary
add flavors  and Dry Hops if called for 

Bottol 2 weeks
Add Priming Sugar

Let stand 2 to 3 weeks  then open

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